arbitex Team

The team of arbitex is a team gathered to make an ideal exchange. It is a group of experts who have extensive experience in various fields such as business management, engineers, legal affairs, finance, financing, architect, design and communication.

Zac Zhou



Zac Zhou is the CEO of arbitex. Prior to arbitex, he was the director in charge of mobile platform development of a well-known IT foreign enterprise. From 2014 to 2016, he managed and supervised the development the cryptocurrency exchange and also its operations. He has 5 years of working abroad and has acquired many qualifications including PMP. Earlier in his career, Zhou was responsible for the team management of the backbone securities trading system development of a famous foreign securities firm.

Lemon Tian



Lemon Tian is the COO of arbitex. Prior to arbitex, she was the director of mobile platform development of a well-known foreign IT enterprise. From 2012, she has been engaged in the business of Internet based trading and commerce, with profound theoretical foundation and has gained years of expertise and experience. Earlier in her career, Tian has gained substantial experiences in various leading companies concerning marketing, sales and business operations. She has rich experience in management and deep insight of all e-commerce operation modes (Examples are the modes of B2C, O2O and B2B).

Ezra Yin



Ezra Yin is the CTO of arbitex. Prior to arbitex, he was engaged in large scale IT business system development at the senior positions. Yin has rich blockchain experience in creating exchanges and ICO systems and his experience of large scale IT system design and development serves substantially for development of exchange system. Earlier in his career, Yin worked in a well-known foreign IT company and is acquainted with working under international atmosphere.

Jack Liu

VP, Lead Programer

Jack Liu is the VP and Lead Programmer of arbitex. Prior to arbitex, Liu served as the senior IT engineer and participated in large-scale projects. He is proficient in C/C++, Solidity and blockchain and has rich experience in development in project team and management of project. Earlier in his career, Liu experienced in the information design and lead development of the system (from large-scale system to apps) in many occasions.

Eiji Matsushita

VP, Fundraising


Eiji Matsushita is the VP of Fundraising of arbitex. He also holds the executive position of the American Fund Group. While conducting a wide range of domestic businesses including internet based services he has been investing in overseas start-up companies. Earlier in his career, he incorporated a few of his own companies and acted as the investor of real estate area. His recent focus is mainly on blockchain related businesses.

Takeshi Shika

VP, Architect


Takeshi Shika is the VP, Architecture of arbitex. Prior to arbitex, he served as the CEO and executive positions of several internet ventures, which were engaged in curated SNS, P2P fast search services and/or AR services in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing. In Europe, he served as the Managing Director of Sony Card Europe and Sony Financial Service Europe. From 2010, he assumed the responsibility of director of the board, SVP and/or assistant COO of CareNet Inc., a Japanese company listed in Tokyo Exchange. He is currently engaged in a number of cryptocurrency projects especially in designing and/or development of exchanges, tokens and wallets.

Takehisa Honda

VP, Communication


Takehisa Honda is the VP, Marketing Communications and UI / UX designer of arbitex. From 2014 he was in the establishment of cross-border e-commerce for China, Wi-Fi solution venture, mining firm business, virtual currency exchange. He is currently engaged in marketing consulting to several ICO · token Issuance companies.

Takahiro Minato

VP, Finance


Takahiro Minato is the VP, Accounting & Finance of arbitex. From 2014, he takes the responsibility of CFO of several Hong Kong companies and executive positions of accounting firms concurrently. Earlier in his career, he worked for KPMG JAPAN, and other accounting firms in Japan and Hong Kong as Certified Public Accountant (Japan). In arbitex, his expertise in international business serves in many instances including designing of corporate structure.

Fuyan Felix

VP, Creative


Fuyan Felix is the VP, Creative of arbitex. From 2000 He has performed branding and creative direction of global companies. He has experienced a wide range of creative work from logo design, graphics, visual identity, to web and spatial design direction. He has an award history in the international level design contest. Felix is currently also engaged in consulting for several crypto project especially in the field of Creative

Shoichi Kiyomoto

Security Adviser

After completing the master course of Applied Physics Department, Tokyo Metropolitan University, participate in the development of various scientific computing systems. In 1990, he was in charge of developing an optical scanner for digital fingerprint images, and since that time he has been engaged in R & D for identity authentication by fingerprints.

John Wesley Wilson


He graduated from department of mathematics in Stanford University at US, and completed the master course of computer science of Vanderbilt University. Since 1995 he has engaged in R & D of digital fingerprint image authentication algorithms with Kiyomoto. Of course he also has extensive experience developing systems used hash functions and cryptographic techniques.

Anton Dzyatkovskiy



Anton is the Co-Founder、The University of Blockchain and ICO, Platinum Company Ltd. and MicroMoney International Pte. Ltd. Anton is an aggressive entrepreneur, and has achieved many successful results.
Eerier in his career, he worked for Merlion and achieved sales of US$50 million of pure profit. He has been leading many ICO projects to the listing, and recently focusing on educational fields of cryptocurrency for fast and healthy development of industry. Anton, together with Dan, will support arbitex in many aspects, especially in the field of marketing for successful launch of arbitex and its penetration into cryptocurrency industry. Anton, together with Dan, will support arbitex in many aspects, especially in the field of marketing for successful launch of arbitex and its penetration into cryptocurrency industry.

Dan Khomenko



The University of Blockchain and ICO Co-founder
Platinum Listing Co-Founder
After his graduation from The University of Melbourne (Diplomacy – International relations), Dan Khomenko worked with the largest financial organizations in the Asia Pacific Region, such as National Australia Bank and MLC Australia. Additionally, he worked in the Australian government. He is currently running one of the largest consulting groups in Asia, offering a large variety of blockchain services, including pre-ico, ico and post-ico stages. Dan is a big supporter of Education and believes that people should see “Innovative blockchain technologies, not as speculative tools to make money, but as opportunities to learn and get jobs of the Future”.

Alliance Partner


PLATINUM is the first and the biggest Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator of new generation, with MORE THAN 100 CLIENTS IN PORTFOLIO

ASD Inc.

A company that acquires many important patents in the area of fingerprint authentication, conducts R & D and commercialization in the security field.

James Jin


Sophia Gao


Charles Zhan


Gary He


Olivia Li


Timothy Zhao


Vera Ji


Kevin Wu


Rose He


“A Turnkey Cryptocurrency Transaction Platform”

We think exchanges can be much simpler and easier ones, and moreover entertaining ones. For example, General exchanges selected pure crypto world, however, we think crypt and fiat may coexist. The mixture of them is much easier to use. By having fiat currency pair, services such as technical analysis become more viable. All necessary function can be provided by arbitex as its one-stop services. Take it easy and bring all the fun.

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